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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Oh, really?

Libya produces oil.

There's a petrol shortage locally at the moment.

Go figure.


I got a cheque book yesterday. And watched it being produced, printed, stapled and bound. I was fascinated. Sadly, I'm easily amused!

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  1. Hi again!
    You might remember me, I emailed you about an exchange to Japan I was about to take (it was like five months ago though, so I don't expect you to remember ^^;). I've been there and back now and it was a blast, but now I'm looking a bit farther into the future.

    I live in NZ (earthquake-ville) and am planning to go to an American college. If I end up doing this, there would be a good half-year between end of high school year and and start of uni. In that time, I was thinking about doing another overseas exchange or perhaps working somewhere teaching English. I was wondering how I should go about seeing if there are any suitable opportunities for my time frame and experience/age bracket.

    If you have any advice it would be really appreciated ^^

    Oh and loving your notes on Libya so far :D Looking forward to reading more :)