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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Information Overload

I woke up this morning to rain – but it didn't last long leaving a bit of a muddy trail on the roads outside. We're still in the middle of induction – there's been four days of it so far with one more to go. We've been told all about the country, the students, the company and safety while here. I'm having no problems adapting to Tripoli 'it'll happen when it happens' time. At all. Still loving the heat although, admittedly, most of it has been spent inside airconditioned classrooms!

Last night we got taken shopping to a fantastic souk. It's the nearest equivalent I guess of a shopping centre with (I think) five floors of shops selling pretty much everything – household goods, clothing, jewellery, shoes... and a massive supermarket in the basement. Some prices are a little hefty but there are a lot of imported goods here.

After having been here for almost a week I've decided Japan really is strange. This all feels much more real to me. All of the Libyans we've met have been really lovely and helpful and really try to communicate as best they can with us. On the subject of which, we've now had four hours of Arabic lessons and I can't wait to get more. Lots more. Whilst my motivation to learn Japanese was really low, and whilst I can probably get by without learning Arabic, I really want to. Thing is, Libyan Arabic is more of a classic version meaning it differs from, say, Egyptian Arabic and although they're reasonably well mutually understood, I think there's a limit of books available that cater to learning Libyan Arabic.

I'm still loving my huge apartment which is a little chaotic at the moment and which lacks a personal touch and colour. But all in good time.

Getting around is a bit of a challenge although I'm beginning to get my head around directing the taxi back to where I live. Other teachers live in the same block so I haven't had to travel alone yet.

Thursday is my next day off. I plan to do more exploring and in the evening we've a pub quiz night. With real alcohol. Normally this is every fortnight, but the quiz means we get an extra one. Somehow we've got dispensation to drink legally in this one place. I'm not complaining. It's generally just once a fortnight anyway.

I've seen that remnants of Hello Kitty have hit Libya. But I guess they've hit pretty much everywhere by now.

The majority of women here – although by no means all – cover their hair at all times. Apart from that though they generally prefer to dress in a more Western style. The men dress as men everywhere.

Because of the induction there hasn't been much time to do much else. I still haven't got a new sim card for my phone and the internet should be up and running in my apartment by the beginning of next week. Inshallah. In the meantime, and when time allows, which hasn't been often, I've been popping onto the computers at work.

I'll try to post this tomorrow and then update again on Saturday if possible (Thursday and Friday are my days off). Saturday is my first teaching day. Yay!

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  1. I love that you've already started saying "Inshallah" seamlessly!

    -- Sanchia